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Daddy MD Guide of the Week

David L. Hill, MD

Dr. Hill is a father of three children. He’s a pediatrician in private practice with Cape Fear Pediatrics in North Carolina and the author of the book, Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro.

Shortcut of the Week

Set Up the Crib with Zero Stress

In the hierarchy of dad hassles, assembling the crib ranks right up there with putting the Christmas tree in the stand. In fact, Daddy MD Guide Robin Peavler, MD, is only half-kidding when he suggests “learning Chinese first.” Nonetheless, here’s your crib sheet for getting this job done quickly and safely, so you can get on to more important things like putting together the stroller …

What Do I Do Now? of the Week

Finding Out the Baby’s Gender

With sophisticated ultrasound gear now being used and new gender test kits available in drugstores, it has never been easier or more tempting to treat a woman’s womb like a crystal ball. Indeed, according to a Gallup Poll, two-thirds of Americans age 18 to 34 would like to know the sex of their baby before it’s born. And if past trends hold true, that number will continue to rise among future generations
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