My baby has colic. What causes it, and how can it be relieved?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: Some doctors believe that babies with colic don’t actually have anything wrong, and that there are no correctable causes. I disagree. I see many cases of colic improve greatly or disappear completely by correcting cow’s milk protein allergy or transient lactase deficiency (TLD – a type of lactose intolerance).

For cow’s milk protein allergy, a breastfeeding mom would stop all cow’s milk products for a couple weeks to see if the colic improves. For TLD, give the baby Colief Infant Drops (lactase digestive enzyme drops) with each feeding. If the colic is caused by TLD, the baby’s symptoms should improve within a few days. I never had a colicky baby myself, but finding the solution to a colicky baby’s symptoms is extremely satisfying as a doctor.

Bob Sears, MD,  a dad of 19-, 16-, and 10-year-old sons, a pediatrician, and the author of The Baby Book and Father’s First Steps.

Q&A by Wyatt Myers