Spitting Up

My baby spits up all the time. What can we do about it?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: We didn’t have many problems with spitting up with our own children, but here’s one possible simple solution that I have noticed from my practice: Some parents over-feed their infants. A baby’s stomach takes time to grow in order to handle larger volumes, so if an infant is vomiting, I will ask them how often and how much they are feeding their baby. Often, the answer equates to too much formula.

Of course, these feedings are critical to development, so make sure to stick with what is recommended for your baby at his or her age. If the symptoms persist despite this approach, talk with your baby’s doctor.

Edward F. O’Neill, MD, a dad of six- and four-year-old sons and five- and two-year-old daughters and one on the way,  the medical director of the NICU at the Western Baptist     Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky, and an assistant professor with the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics.

Q&A by Wyatt Myers