Weight Control

How can I help my children get their weight under control? All they eat is junk food!

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: With my son, the best approach I have taken is to simply not have a lot of that kind of food in the house. And when I’m talking to other parents, I tell parents that this is the only thing they can truly control: the food that is in their own house.

Kids learn to eat what is available within their environment, and parents are in complete control of that fact. Because we are in the midst of a growing childhood overweight and obesity epidemic, it is important for parents to learn more about what constitutes good nutrition and make those foods available to their children. We cannot police what goes into a child’s mouth at school or at a friend’s house, but we can make sure our own dwelling promotes healthy eating habits, along with the emphasis to exercise regularly. Parents can have an enormous impact on a child’s view of what constitutes good nutrition, and it is an impact that can be long-lasting, well beyond the years a child spends in their parent’s home.

Richard Kelley, MD, a dad of an eight-year-old son, who’s been practicing medicine since 1993 and is the author of The Fitness Response: 21 Steps to ‘Model’ Your Way to a Fit, Fabulous Body, as well as The 3 Hour Appetite and The 3 Hour Appetite Companion Cookbook

Q&A by Wyatt Myers