Sports and Concussion Risk

With all the media reports about concussions, would you let your child play sports?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: As someone who treats sports-related concussions daily, I have been asked this question more often lately. Especially as the NFL debate heats up. I think it is a good question that has made me think how I would handle my own child’s desire to play sports.

I counsel my patients’ parents that I would let my child play as long as it was supervised, and proper safety precautions were being followed. If a concussion were sustained, then I would be absolutely certain that he was symptom-free and has returned back to baseline cognitively before returning to play. I don’t know if we could ever completely eliminate the risk for concussion, but we can educate coaches and athletes about the dangers of playing while symptomatic with a concussion.

Jeffrey McDaniel, MD, a dad of a nine-month-old son and  a family physician at Methodist Family Health Center in Midlothian, Texas, and on staff at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Q&A by Wyatt Myers