Making Time for Each Child

My wife wants to have six children. I’m not so sure. How do you make time for them?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: I make it a priority to spend special time with each of my kids. For example, I take them each on solo trips with me. Also, I identify special things that each one likes do with me. One of my sons doesn’t like to golf, but he loves to drive the cart, so I bring him golfing with me.

I also look for spontaneous time. If I’m going to the grocery store, I drag a few kids along. I ask, “Who wants to come along?” Usually a few kids will, which will give me some time with only a few of them.

One of the easiest things I do to spend more time with my kids is extend dinnertime. After we’ve eaten, we get out a game and any kids who want to stay and play. Or we sit and talk around the table. These times give me the chance to know my kids better, and the chance for them to get to know me better too.

Bryan S. Wood, MD, a father of 11 children, an emergency physician, and the president of SelfRefind, in Danville, KY.