Sibling Jealousy

How do we keep our older child from getting jealous of the new baby?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: This is one question I am frequently asked by parents. I think this is where a father is so vital. For those infants who are breastfed, it is easy for Dad to feel unneeded, especially when the baby will only calm down or fall asleep after breastfeeding. While baby is bonding with mom, a father can play a vital role by stepping in and spending extra time with the older child for the first few weeks of the new baby’s life. Take the older child to museums, parks, sporting events – anything to make him or her feel special and loved and, most important, not forgotten.

Mark J. Pyle, DO, is a dad of eight-year-old, three-year-old, and one-year-old daughters and a pediatrician in private practice at Banner Health Center Verrado in Buckeye, Arizona.

Q&A by Wyatt Myers