Anesthesia During Pregnancy

I’m pregnant and may need anesthesia to have a tooth pulled: Will anesthesia affect my baby?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: As long as it’s just a local anesthetic, you should be okay. General anesthesia has a chance of affecting the baby’s development primarily during the first trimester. It can also affect growth and stability during any trimester. As a result, it is generally discouraged if at all possible.

If general anesthesia for the mother is absolutely necessary, it is safest to perform during the second trimester. When possible, local anesthesia or regional anesthetic blocks are preferred to general anesthesia in pregnant patients.

 —Adam F. Dorin, MD, a father of three children, founder and president of America’s Medical Society, a board-certified anesthesiologist in San Diego County and the owner and medical director of the RiverViewMD Facility and Spa.  He is a Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserves Medical Corps and a shareholder/partner in a large anesthesiology group in Southern California.



Q&A by Wyatt Myers