Preparing for Delivery

My wife is pregnant, due next week. How do you plan for the delivery around your work schedule and other commitments?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: When my wife was due to have our oldest child, we had just moved to Lexington, Kentucky, and literally only knew the next-door neighbor. We had a two-year old girl, and my wife was deep into her pregnancy with our second child. My wife went into labor around midnight one night, so I had to face the challenge of taking care of a toddler, drop my wife at the hospital hoping she wouldn’t have the baby until the morning, when I could ask the only person I knew to watch my daughter, that way I could be part of the delivery.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way, my wife delivered our second child around 5 am. You plan as best you can for the delivery, but it’s hard to prepare for the unexpected!

Getulio Tovar, MD, a father of three and a psychiatrist in Lexington, Kentucky