Health Worries

I worry so much about my child’s heath. Is this normal?

Our Daddy MD Guide’s reply: You wouldn’t believe how often you get this question as a family physician. Parents worry about everything from the size and shape of their child’s belly button to the thickness/thinness of the child’s hair, to any noise that the child produces involuntarily.  And parents want to be reassured that everything will be okay.

Kids are going to fall, and bleed and maybe even break a tooth or a bone. It is part of what happens when you are part of life. It will be harder on the parents than the children. And both are going to have to live through it.

Tyler C. Cymet, DO, an osteopathic physician and the father of a 3½-year-old daughter and a board-certified family physician and internal medicine specialist in private practice, in Owings Mills, MD.