Mini Medical School

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The American Osteopathic Association’s online Mini Medical School is a free tool featuring a set of educational games that introduce children to basic health concepts in a fun, engaging way.

The American Osteopathic Association’s Mini Medical School, which is compatible with tablet devices, can be found at in the About Your Health section.  Or visit this link.

Once children “enroll” in Mini Medical School, they can play a series of six interactive educational games that teach them about basic health concepts, including:

  • Bone Health — Match bones to the correct part of a skeleton.
  • Medical Instruments — Select which medical instruments are used to check different body parts.
  • Hygiene and Germs — Choose which good habits help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Organs — Drag the name of an organ into the correct sentence describing its function.
  • Nutrition — Move foods into the proper section of a plate organized by the five food groups.
  • Exercise — Highlight hidden exercises in a word search.

After completing all six parts, children can download a certificate of completion to show everyone that they are a Mini Medical School graduate.