“Healthy Futures Born Here”

If you’re an expecting father, you and your wife one have probably considered banking your newborn’s cord blood. In the moments following your baby’s birth, you have a one-time opportunity to collect and save this blood, which is a rich source of stem cells that could one day be used for medical treatments for your child, even as an adult. These treatments could be lifesaving.

If you’re planning to bank your baby’s cord blood, check out CBR (Cord Blood Registry), the largest and most experienced cord blood bank in the United States. More than 400,000 children have their newborn stem cells saved with CBR. The company’s laboratory in Tucson, Arizona, uses the most advanced technology to save the maximum number of stem cells possible, and like most anything, the more the better. On the outside, the building is a veritable fortress, secure from natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

When your wife is in labor, often the cord blood collection responsibility falls to the guy. That would be you, Dad. But don’t worry, this is easy and painless, especially compared to your wife’s end of the deal.  CBR provides you with a kit and step-by-step instructions for you to give to your wife’s doctor or midwife. The kit has everything needed to collect and ship your baby’s cord blood to the storage facility in Tucson. .Once you’ve been granted the honor of snipping your baby’s cord (brace yourself, man—you can do this), the doctor or midwife will collect your baby’s cord blood. Now you’ve got one more job before you start texting the guys and smoking cigars. Make one phone call, and a medical courier will arrive at the hospital to pick up the baby’s cord blood and deliver it safe and sound to the storage facility. You’ll be the hero.

To learn more about cord blood banking, its perks, and how easy it is to do it, visit Cordblood.com.

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