Happy Bottoms

Spray-on Diaper Creams 

Most dads are all-too-familiar with diaper creams. You take off your little one’s dirty diaper, you get a big finger-full of cream, you wipe it on your baby’s bottom … and now what? Not only did you just touch dirty baby bottom, but that gloopy stuff still left on your finger seems almost impossible to get off.

This is why many dads, including Daddy MD Guide Carson D. Liu, MD, are so excited to learn about Happy Bottoms Diaper Rash Spray.

“I recommend it to every expecting mom and dad,” Dr. Liu says. “I could not stand spreading diaper rash paste on the bottoms of our girls during diaper changes because you would get your hands dirty. Plus, you can’t let go of your baby to wash your hands. Happy Bottoms has the same ingredients, but you just spray it on the bottoms of your little ones.”

Happy Bottoms also makes a cleansing spray that you can simply spray on the bottoms of your little ones after wiping for additional cleaning before a new diaper goes on. It has all-natural gentle ingredients, including Lavender Oil and Witch Hazel.

For more information about the Happy Bottoms line of products, visit www.HappyBottoms.com.

Dad Gear by Wyatt Myers