Edward C. DaVeiga, MD

Dr. DaVeiga is a dad of a seven-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. He is a specialist in internal medicine with Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while your wife was pregnant? My wife was in between jobs while pregnant with our second child, and she would work two days in a row at a clinic two hours away and stay overnight in between. It was stressful for her and my son, who to this day is very much attached to her. We were constantly worried about all the things that might go wrong with her commuting like that, yet we really financially had no other options.

I would pack her the healthiest food I could think of for the stints, but there was nothing I could do to relieve the worry of her being that far away or driving for that amount of time. I enjoyed the one-on-one time I had with my son during those days and tried to make it as fun for him as possible so that he wouldn’t miss her too much. It was extremely hard for her, and to this day I can only say how strong she was to have taken that on while pregnant. I would have done anything for her not to have done that. We got through it, and our baby girl turned out great, but I don’t think my wife or I ever recovered from her having to go through that experience.

What’s the most surprising lesson that being a dad has taught you? How much and how unconditionally another human being can love you. And how we really need 48 hours in a day, not just 24.

What’s the one bit of advice about fatherhood you wish someone had given you much earlier? How kids have ears like wolves and will hear things you don’t intend for them to hear from a mile away.

What’s the most overrated thing about fatherhood? Having dinner with young children.

What’s the most underrated thing about fatherhood? Falling asleep snuggled next to your kids.

Why are fathers important? They are comic relief for the family. My kids love when I try to fix things around the house because they know I’m going to make some sort of mess.

Career, marriage, kids … how does a guy stay sane? By putting marriage and kids first. Your career is important, but you will go insane if you put it ahead of your wife and kids all the time.

Profile by Wyatt Myers