Kevin R. Polsley, MD

Dr. Polsley is a dad of a four-year-old daughter, an assistant professor in the departments of pediatrics and internal medicine at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, as well as a primary care physician at Loyola University Health System.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while your wife was pregnant, and how did you overcome it? My wife was pregnant while I was in my internship, which is the first and busiest year of residency. As a resident in a combined internal medicine and pediatrics program, I found myself caring for sick infants and children.As I was anticipating the birth of my own child, this caused endless anxiety about “what could go wrong.” In addition, I missed most of my wife’s prenatal visits, and after our daughter was born, I missed most of her routine doctor visits as well as several milestones, such as smiling and crawling. Now that I am finished with residency, I am trying to make time with my daughter so that I do not miss any major events or milestones.

What’s the most surprising lesson that being a dad has taught you? Being a father taught me how to play make believe and tell stories. This comes in handy with my pediatric patients in clinic!

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