Why We Decided to Bank Our Baby’s Cord Blood

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by Daddy MD Guides blogger Wyatt Myers

When my wife became pregnant with our first child in 2008, I was like most soon-to-be-dads. I loved the idea of having kids, and my wife and I were both very excited about what the future would bring. But the reality is that I had absolutely no idea what I was in for.

The next eight months, of course, turned into a crash course on baby basics. We took all the classes, read all the books, and stocked up on all the supplies. I still believe that nothing can truly prepare you for being a dad until you actually are a dad, but we did everything we could to at least try to be ready.

Interestingly enough, it was my wife’s mother who first introduced us to the idea of cord blood banking. As a health writer by trade, I was a little embarrassed about my ignorance of the practice, but I just hadn’t written a lot about pregnancy and birth at that time. Once my wife and I started looking a little more into banking our baby’s cord blood, we were definitely intrigued.

Obviously, no dad wants to envision a future where something is wrong with his baby. But the reality is that it is your responsibility to be prepared for any eventuality, even the very sad. Once we looked into it, we decided cord blood banking was the responsible thing to do for this reason. Having a rich source of our baby’s own stem cells banked and waiting, just in case, was peace of mind for us, almost like a form of life insurance. It definitely wasn’t cheap, but it was an investment that we felt was well worth making.

Once we decided to move ahead with cord blood banking, the process couldn’t have been simpler. The banking company sent us all the collection materials by mail, and then we let our doctor know that we were planning on having the blood collected after our baby’s birth.

I knew my wife would have more on her mind than cord blood banking on the day of the delivery, so I made sure all the materials were packed with our hospital bags, and I reminded the nurses of our plans when we arrived at the hospital. Once the baby was born and the blood was collected, I made a phone call, and a courier was sent to our room at the hospital to collect the cord blood.

I hope that we never have to use it. But if the unforeseen were to happen to our son, we now have the peace of mind of knowing that our cord blood is available to us if needed.


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