Considering Circumcision

My wife wants to circumcise our son, but I’m not so sure….

by  Joe Kita

You’re justified in being concerned. Removing part of little Willy’s willy is not a decision that should be rushed into or taken lightly, and women may not thoroughly understand all the ramifications since they don’t own one. There are four aspects worth considering:

Medical: According to DaddyMDGuide Robin Peavler, M.D., there are no significant medical advantages or disadvantages to circumcision, which involves surgically removing some or the entire foreskin. Contrary to popular belief, it does not lower the risk of STDs, penile cancer, or infection (although some research has linked it to lower HIV rates). It’s true that a circumcised penis is easier to clean, but it’s not as if a Shop-Vac and an instruction manual is required otherwise. Dr. Peavler points out that circumcision is a safe, routine procedure that causes the baby no lasting pain or adverse psychological effects. Most major U.S. medical organizations are fences-sitters on the issue, letting it up to parents.

Cultural/Religious: This is the biggie for most families. Some religions, such as the Jewish faith, and some cultures, including certain tribes in Africa, consider it mandatory and have intricate rituals surrounding it. But many other religions and cultures just shrug their shoulders. So it comes down to where you belong and how strong your affiliation.

Social: As you probably recall, bullying is most brutal in school locker rooms, and few things are more stigmatizing than a slight upon a young man’s might. So you may also want to consider the practices common in your community and social class. Kids have enough to feel awkward about.

Sexual: The foreskin is not like a little toe or an errant mole. It’s there for a reason. It contains lots of nerves that heighten sensation, plus it protects the head or glans of the penis from potentially desensitizing abrasion. So if you want to insure your son the most pleasure possible, you may want to leave it intact.

Tough decision, as you can see.

Brace yourself; it’s the first of many.