Increasing Wife’s Libido

My wife has lost all interest in sex…

by Joe Kita

If she now longingly looks at stromboli the way she used to look at you, don’t take it personally. Deep down, you’re still her little meatball. But pregnancy is a time for empathy. If you had something alive inside you, how sexy would you feel?

Most women lose interest in sex during the first trimester because their bodies are changing so dramatically. Interest typically rebounds a bit during the second trimester as these adaptations settle in. But it often dips again during the third trimester when she feels most uncomfortable and unattractive. These are generalizations, however. Sex drive during pregnancy is a very individual thing for a woman. In fact, some couples report never feeling closer and actually making love more often. But we won’t depress you further….

Your dilemma may not entirely be the result of your wife’s rollercoaster libido, however. Have you adapted your romantic style to what is essentially an entirely different woman? Here are some dos and don’ts that just might rekindle her interest:

Do tell her how beautiful she looks – frequently. A major sex blocker among pregnant women is their perceived appearance.

Don’t let the compliments stop there. Instead of just mentioning how hot she looks in that maternity tankini (which you and her both know is a stretch), tell her what a great mom she already is. Compliment the internal along with the external.

Do cuddle more, no matter how much it pains you. Foreplay has now become eightplay, my man.

Don’t buy her maternity lingerie. To her, it’s no different than house wrap.

Do massage her back, shoulders, head, neck, temples, feet…. Satisfy her kneads, and she’ll be more likely to satisfy yours.

Do surprise her with chocolates and other foods she craves. In fact, suggest you eat them together in bed and see if it doesn’t spark her appetite for other things.