Preparing to Be a Dad

We just got the news, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be a dad…

by Joe Kita

There used to be a guy named Buz Fawcett who ran a shotgun shooting school in Boise, Idaho. Guys would arrive as average shooters and leave able to blast clay targets out of the air with amazing accuracy. The difference? Buz taught them how to stop thinking and start reacting – how to stop relying on the 10 percent of their brains that handles the day-to-day and start trusting in the 90 percent that houses the inherited wisdom of 300,000 years worth of human existence. In other words, what Buz put them in touch with was their instinct.

Trepidation is natural when you get the news of an embryo. Women don’t experience it as much because they’re already brimming with nurturing hormones and doing the job. But men? We are left wondering how we’ll ever manage to provide and protect, let alone cope. But what we forget in the midst of all this doubt is that we’re not rookies at this game. In fact, you wouldn’t be here reading this unless all your male ancestors weren’t hall-of-fame fathers on some level. Indeed, your very existence is proof that you have Grade-A Dad DNA. To tap into that knowledge you have to get out of your head and into your heart. On that front at least, moms are a few steps ahead of us.

Looking back at the first few months of fatherhood, we at are amazed at how well things turned out. When baby was hungry, we knew how to nourish. When baby was cranky, we knew how to soothe. Somehow. So don’t confuse yourself by trying to read every book ever written on fatherhood. Just trust yourself.